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Please include http:// or https:// in all urls.


The voice age set here has no impact on the matching process. It only sets the default value for the voice age of any demo you upload. Of course, you can always change the specific age of a demo if necessary.

Determined pitch (saved automatically): None (yet). Please upload a sample of your signature voice to analyize your pitch (just your voice, no background music etc).

Important! How to determine your voice pitch correctly

voices network wants to show the most relevant talents to clients. To be able to do so, we need a consistent standard for voice pitches. To determine your pitch correctly, please follow these steps:

1. Upload a dry demo of your unaltered, natural signature voice voice. There must not be any music bed, background noises etc.

2. voices network analyzes your pitch and uses the result as the default value for all demos uploaded in section My Demos. You may adjust the pitch for all uploaded demos manually, though. This is useful if you upload a demo in section My Demos that you have read higher or lower on purpose.


The voice character set here has no impact on the matching process. It only sets the default value for the voice character of any demo you upload. Of course, you can always change the specific character of a demo if necessary.

Languages & dialects

Native languages vs. foreign languages

You may add up to 3 native languages and up to 5 foreign languages. Native languages are solely the ones you have been born and raised with! No matter how fluent you are in other languages you have learned later in life: They must never be added as a native language.

Dialects – no "can do's"!

You may add up to 3 dialects of your native language(s). The options adjust automatically to the native language(s) chosen. You must speak dialects "natively" rather than imitating them.

You may add microphones, preamps and audio interfaces to your studio gear. Please note: You should only add gear that you use on a regular basis. Reload the page once you have added or removed an item to see the changes.

You have not provided all necessary information in section My Voice yet. You can only add demos to your profile once you have provided your voice gender and your native language(s). You also need to determine your voice pitch.

If you have just completed those settings, please reload the page.

Only one recording per demo!

Each and every demo that you upload must only feature one specific recording. Under no circumstances may you upload a demo featuring different clips! Why? Because the tagging (pitch, age character, attributes) will not precisely match a demo that features different styles. An example: A demo that features commercial and corporate narration work is not specific enough. For the same reason demos that feature different read styles, pitches, voice characteristics etc. are to be avoided at all costs.

What to watch out for when uploading demos

In order for your demos to be shown to potential clients, it is vitally important you take great care tagging them. Please consider the following points:

Title The title of a demo helps you to organize your demos. It is not visible to clients.

Attributes You may tag each Demo with up to 3 attributes. It is absolutely necessary to choose those attributes as precisely as possible. Otherwise your demos will show up out of context which will limit your success significantly.

Age/Pitch/Character As a default, the respective settings from section My Voice will be used. Of course, you can adjust them if necessary.