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For the time being, is only available to voice talents in order to get a decent number of talents on board, iron out glitches that you might come across and refine features according to your needs.

After this initial phase, will be opened for clients. Although there is no definite timeline for this, we are shooting for Q1 2020 to open's doors to clients. In the meantime, talents can get familiar with the platform, create their profiles and upload demos.

Most important: As will be very strict regarding the quality level of demos, please make sure that you carefully read the section Information for talents.

Please note that only professional talent with appropriate demos and references will be considered. This means: Even a professional education is no guarantee that we will include you in our pool of talents. Please understand that neither do we give any reasons in case of a rejection nor do we answer questions regarding this.

What does offer to me as a client? Agencies, studios, production companies, enterprises...

Short answer: A selection of the world's best voice actors.

Clients (agencies, studios, production companies, enterprises) use to find voice over talents for their projects. Clients can use various parameters to find suitable candidates for projects from all areas: Advertising, eLearning, product clips, explanatory films, documentaries, presentations, image clips, telephone announcements and much more. ensures that clients always hear the most relevant demos. The client ultimately decides which voices to contact directly and/or which voices to invite to audition for the project. This service is charged to the customer.

Our vision: highest quality & unrivalled efficiency places quality above quantity: Agencies, studios, production companies and other businesses find the best selection of voices for every project with just a few clicks. Without wasting time waiting for samples from conventional talent agencies. Without the need to listen to masses of mediocre samples that simply don't kick it.

Instead: Always a selection of outstanding talent that inspire immediately. That's

Why do I have to pay for your service?

Yes, there are online casting websites that are free of charge. We know that, because with we run one of the more successful ones. is aimed at clients whose demands are way above average. The effort to keep the quality within the top five percent and to ensure that customers only hear the absolutely best and most relevant talent is enormous and cannot be presented as a free service. But: takes no commission and there are no hidden fees (ie: no escrow fees, "managed services fees" etc.) That's good news, isn't it?

What does it cost to use

You can find a detailed descriptions of our plans here.

I need a great talent — how do I find a voice actor with

Thanks to our VoiceWizard® technology, the process couldn't be easier:

  • You tell what kind of voice you're looking. This won't even take a minute (we tested it). Step by step you will see in real time, how the selection of matching voice actors adjusts and refines before your eyes. Wanna try for yourself? Click here to see the magic yourself ...

  • After VoiceWizard® has narrowed down your selection, it's up to you: Contact your favorite talent directly for a quote or ask a group of talents to audition for your project (if you are not a member already, you have to register and choose a payment method first).

  • If you invite talents to audition for your project, you will receive auditions according to your script (if applicable). As a last step you choose your favorite talent. We are sure: Your decision will never be an easy one, because all talents at are giants.

I did not find a suitable voice. Will I get a refund?

As you have the chance to listen to all potential candidates before making a purchase decision, it is extremely unlikely, that an audition based on the pre-selection will not produce a result. Still, all of our plans come with a 30 days money-back-guarantee.

What does offer to me as a voice talent? is a voice actor database and online casting web page for the best of the best voice over talents world-wide. These can present themselves on for free.

You want to be listed as a voice over talent on

Thank you for your interest in If you would like to be listed with us, please note that only professional talent with appropriate demos and references will be considered. This means: Even a professional education is no guarantee that we will include you in our pool of talents.

Please understand that we do not give any reasons in case of a rejection and do not answer any questions.

What is the difference between Demos and Auditions?

By Demos understands the audio files uploaded by you, which are displayed during the talent search, if these demos match the request of a client. Auditions on the other hand are custom recordings produced by you especially according to customer specifications to audition for a specific job.

What do I have to consider regarding my demos? always tries to present clients the most relevant results. To ensure this, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Only one Project per Demo!

    Each and every demo that you upload must only feature one specific recording. Under no circumstances you must upload demos featuring a variety of different types of reads or work! Only that way all settings (pitch, age, character) and attributes precisely match that demo. An example: A demo that features commercial and corporate narration work is not specific enough. Also, demos that feature different read styles, pitches, voice characteristics etc. are to be avoided at all costs.

    Why is that so important?

    Clients can specify exactly what kind of tonality they want. Therefore, it is necessary to describe each of your demos as precisely as possible. You can choose up to 3 attributes from a predefined list. Now it becomes clear: If you mix different styles in a demo, it is almost impossible to choose attributes that fit all parts of this demo. Therefore, each demo must only show exactly one of your skills.

  • Only broadcast-quality material The technical quality of a demo must be beyond any doubt. Background noise, hiss, room ambiance, etc., will delete the recording. Repeated uploading of demos of inferior quality can also lead to the removal of the entire account.

  • 60 seconds max (better 30 seconds) A demo strikes within the first 30-60 seconds. Or not at all.

When will my demos be displayed?

Depending on the client's selection, shows only the most relevant demos. A talent's profile is only displayed if they have a demo that matches exactly the request. A similar demo is not enough.

For example a customer is looking for a deep, female voice for an explanatory film. He also wants friendly and warm tonality. will only show demos that meet all search parameters unless the customer explicitly states that the filters should work "soft". In this case, — within certain limits — demos are also listed that come close.

How many demos can I upload?

The number of demos per profile is unlimited so that can show highly relevant demos for every conceivable request.

Why was my profile deleted? is reserved for the top group of voice over talents worldwide. Important: Professional training is no guarantee that we will activate a profile. If your profile has been deleted, unfortunately, we have decided that we have no need for your voice at this time. Please understand that we generally do not give reasons for our decision and do not answer any questions about this.

No answer found?

If you have a question that is not covered in this FAQ, please drop us a line here. We try to answer as soon as possible.